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Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul Ltda - Hotel laguna de Tota
Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul, an oasis of peace since 1974 Built by Gary Clemens, an oil engineer who came to work to Colombia four decades ago and fell in love with the landscape He saw around the Tota lake, Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul sits on the border of an ‘inland sea’ in the Boyacá department .

This body of water, which measures 55.1 square kilometers (21.2 square miles) and has an average depth of 58 meters (190.2 feet), offers peace and tranquility to travelers. You can get here from Bogotá after a three and a half hour drive to the North. Once you arrive, it is relaxing to sit on the shore and stare at the wakes that ducks and fishermen leave on the lake, whose surface turns into a blue mirror when the clouds give way to the Sun.
Few hotels have a particular charm, and this is one of them. Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul has been the venue of many weddings and its romantic scenery was once the setting where a man in love found the perfect place to propose to his girlfriend: the middle of the Tota lake while they were taking a tour on a boat.
The American Colonial architectural style of the hotel highlights the carved stone used to erect its solid and thick walls. Wood, used on the floor of the second floor, and the brick floor of the area where guests arrive as they enter the building also stand out.

Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul has 15 guest rooms (seven of them offer lake views and eight more overlook the garden). There are also two cabins, each one with a chimney and capacity to host up to four people. Chimneys also make cozier places such as the dining room, the main lounge, the bar and the spacious lounge in which guests gather around the fire.
Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul Ltda - Hotel laguna de Tota
Native trees like myrtles, mortiños, romerón pines and laurels grow in the well-kept garden, while hydrangeae, with their blue and violet hues, and other flowers like yellow, red and white lilies bring happiness with their colors.

Visitors come to the hotel to enjoy the landscape and the tranquility, but they also like fishing trout, taking boat trips around the lake, riding a bicycle on the road surrounding Tota and riding water bikes.

A plan not to be missed at Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul is to savour the trout, which here is cooked in 12 different ways. Among other styles, it is cooked a la criolla, with tomato and long onion which is typical of the region; al camarón (with shrimp); grilled and also smoked with aliso (alder) leaves, a native tree growing in the garden that is used to reforest lands because of its rapid growth and also because it gives refuge to birds like copetones (crested sparrows), chisgas and doves.