How ti get here

You can get to Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul, distant 3.5 hours North from Bogotá, by taking an excellent road that goes through landscapes adorned by plateaux of the Andes mountain range.

As you travel you will pass the Boyacá Bridge, cradle of our Independence; Tunja, the historical capital of the department of Boyacá; Paipa, known for its hot water springs; Duitama, an industrial city; Nobsa, a town famous for its traditional woolen fabrics; Sogamoso, with its Temple of the Sun archaeological museum, and Acerías Paz del Río, an iron and steel flagship company.

As you get to El Crucero, to the right you will see the road that takes you to the Tota lake and to the Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul. To the left there is the road to the Casanare department and its capital, Yopal.

Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul Ltda - Hotel laguna de Tota

Nearby places to see

Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul Ltda - Hotel laguna de Tota
Near the lake lies Aquitania, known for its big long onion crops. Following the paved road you can find Playa Blanca, a place distant 30 minutes from Hotel Refugio Pozo Azul. It has white sands where travelers enjoy a view similar to those they can see at our Caribbean beaches.

From the hotel you can go to other touristic sites such as Iza, a beautiful municipality located in a corner of the Sogamoso valley; Tibasosa, a colonial town; Monguí, where you can see the Convent and Museum of Colonial Art; Tópaga and Corrales, famous for its Christmas lightings.